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Find out how we intend to cut our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2011

The Green Agenda is an environmental strategy combining our internal goals with a leadership position, to impress on our stakeholders the central role sustainability must play in our lives.  

We're working to achieve our green targets in three main ways:

  • Operational - we’re working to reduce our in-house emissions through a series of initiatives under three focus areas: energy, transport, and waste & handset recycling. These take the form of various policies and procedures we've introduced to reduce emissions in our operations.
  • Exerting Influence - we're exerting our green influence through positive engagement with over 1,200 employees, 2.35 million customers and our extensive supply chain. 
  • Leadership - using our position in corporate Ireland to spread the Green Agenda and sustainability messages, we're setting best practice and leading the way for the rest of the business community.

Results so far?

We’ve successfully reduced our CO2 emissions by 34%, surpassing our target one year early.


Our journey doesn't end here though and we're fully committed to continue positively improving our impact on the environment. Find out more about our Green Agenda activities