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Find out how we're making a difference

With climate change comes new environmental threats and fresh challenges to companies like ours.

As we grow and our networks develop, our energy demands increase. This means we have to work even harder to meet sustainable energy targets and reduce our CO2 emissions.

To date, we have made considerable progress in our own operations and outlined below are just some of the measures we've been taking in three main areas:


  • Green energy - we've adopted and continue to purchase 100% green energy across all operations under our control
  • Renewable energy - we've built our first wind turbine in Slieve Glah, Co Cavan, and continue to assess further sites for self-powered options
  • Improving network equipment efficiency - working with our suppliers, we're replacing our network equipment with more energy efficient models and have an energy audit planned to identify further energy saving initiatives
  • Improving cooling system efficiency - we've begun replacing our air conditioning units with environmentally friendly cooling systems
  • Head office initiatives - since 2003, we've reduced electricity consumption by 30%, gas consumption by 40% and a range of other improvements. We continue to implement a series of green IT initiatives and an energy reducing programme
  • Staff awareness programme - we have a robust internal communications programme which continues to educate and inform our staff about energy consumption issues
  • In-store energy audits - 16 energy initiatives were introduced to our Grafton Street flagship store - resulting in a 59% carbon reduction - which we will be rolling out throughout our retail stores


  • Sustainable travel - we've developed and will continue to promote a sustainable travel plan for our employees, including: a car sharing website with priority parking, participation in the cycle to work scheme, improved shower and locker facilities for cyclists, tax-saving travel tickets, free buses to and from work and ten pool cars on standby for employees to travel to external meetings
  • Health and fitness - employees can take full advantage of our free to use, fully equipped on-site fitness centre, complete with instructors and classes
  • Reducing air travel emissions - we've reduced air travel emissions by 55% and continue to promote the use of videoconferencing instead of flying
  • Reducing fleet emissions - we've switched to lower emitting vehicles and are continually monitoring the emissions of our fleet, while assessing the potential for alternative fuel vehicles

Waste and handset recycling

  • Handset recycling campaign -  our goal is to collect over 25,000 handsets, generating €100,000 for our charity partner, the Irish Heart Foundation. Since launching, so far we've collected more than 13,600 handsets, raising more than €60,000
  • Reducing paper consumption - we're reducing paper use in our retail stores and are on our way to  becoming a paperless office, having introduced online employee pay slips and a new paper monitoring printing system
  • Sustainable billing paper - now using 70% recycled paper, we're the first telecommunications company to source full FSC certified billing paper and are looking into exclusively using it across all our operations
  • Promoting paperless billing - as a member of IBEC's TIF Electronic Billing sub committee, we're constantly promoting paperless billing to our customers
  • Monitoring water consumption - as part of a continuous drive to reduce water usage, monitors were installed in 2009
  • Recycle waste - we typically recycle 100% of our networks waste and our office recycling rate is 60% - achieved through composting our food waste and a drive to use recyclable and reusable cups throughout the office
  • Reducing packaging - we've reduced our SIM card packages by 180 tonnes and are working with suppliers to reduce a lot more of our product packaging
  • Environmental regulation compliance - we are regularly audited by WEEE and Repak and are committed to full future compliance with all environmental regulations


Find out more about the Green Agenda in our 2010 Journey to Sustainability report