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Green Agenda - Reports

Find out how we're making a difference

At Vodafone, we understand the important role we can play in influencing others to take appropriate steps to minimise their impact on the environment.

With 2.35 million customers, more than 1,200 employees and a vast supply chain, we have the unique ability to influence a wide number of people.

Find out just some of the ways in which we are spreading the word to:

Our employees

  • Communication - we've developed an internal communications programme and send out a monthly e-zine covering various green topics
  • Awareness - we regularly host Go Green Awareness Days for our employees, focusing on the three areas of energy, transport and waste
  • Mobile working - after researching the benefits, we continue to promote the importance of a healthy work/life balance through both mobile working and health and fitness
  • Internal Green Team - we have a dedicated Green Team who meet regularly and act as a steering committee for the Green Agenda

Our customers

  • Green products - we offer an ever-expanding range of green products to our customers, including the exclusive Samsung Blue Earth, and have sold more than 5,000 eco-accessories since August 2009
  • Paperless billing - we're reducing our customer's paper consumption through the promotion of paperless billing and by offering a range of online services that our customers can take advantage of
  • Recycling - customers are recycling in increasing numbers since we added many additional collection points and new partnerships through our through our handset and modem recycling programmes

Our supply chain

  • Code of ethics - we continue to ensure our suppliers comply with our Code of Ethical Purchasing and we are working with them to share best practice to help them improve their environmental credentials
  • Understanding - as well as assessing suppliers on their environmental credentials, we've developed a questionnaire to help everyone in the chain to understand our carbon impacts


Find out more about the Green Agenda in our 2010 Journey to Sustainability report