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Conservation Volunteers Ireland

Conservation Volunteers Ireland is a national environmental organisation who provide practical opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved in a wide range of conservation initiatives throughout the country.

The Vodafone and Conservation Volunteers Ireland Nature Fund was launched in October 2002 to encourage the appreciation and protection of Ireland's unique natural environment through the funding of locally based environmental projects and initiatives. Proceeds raised from the Vodafone mobile phone recycling scheme support the Nature fund.

Vodafone and Conservation Volunteers Ireland are encouraging applications for funding under the new scheme from schools, businesses, local authorities, residents associations, charities and voluntary groups. For more information on the Nature Fund see www.cvi.ie
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Irish Water Safety

Vodafone believes in keeping our communities safe and as an island nation, water safety is of key importance. Irish Water Safety is the statutory body established to promote water safety in Ireland. IWS educate people in water safety best practices and develop public awareness campaigns to promote necessary attitudes, rescue skills and behaviour to prevent drownings and water related accidents.

Vodafone has invested in the National Life Saving Championships which recognises the skills of Irish Lifeguards and has donated mobile phones for use by the lifeguards. For more information on Irish Water Safety see www.iws.ie
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Irish Wheelchair Association

The Irish Wheelchair Association is a national organisation dedicated to the achievement of full social, economic and educational integration of people with disabilities within the general community. Vodafone recognises the importance of communication to people with disabilities.

Vodafone employees have engaged in a number of volunteering projects for the IWA including the Angel Christmas Campaign and selling IWA Christmas Cards. For more information on the Irish Wheelchair Association see www.iwa.ie
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Tourist Victim Support Service

Tourist Victim Support Service (TVSS) offers emotional support and practical assistance to tourists who are victims of crime while visiting Ireland. Vodafone has assisted Tourist Victim Support through donation of mobile technology and staff volunteering. To further show our support for the important work TVSS carry out, Vodafone have sponsored a joint TVSS and An Garda Siochana 'Safety tips for tourists' brochure.
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Volunteering Ireland

Volunteering Ireland is a national resource centre for volunteering activity; promoting, supporting and facilitating voluntary action of all kinds. It promotes high quality voluntary activity, by encouraging organisations which involve volunteers to adopt good policy and practice, and by acting as a link between organisations and individuals who wish to undertake voluntary work.

Vodafone has a long-standing relationship with Volunteering Ireland. Paul Donovan, CEO, Vodafone Ireland, is currently on the Board of Volunteering Ireland and two members of staff have been funded to develop and run the organisation's volunteer placement service.