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Escalation of a dispute

If your enquiry is a dispute with Vodafone and you are not satisfied with the response or solution from our Customer Service Representative, you can ask at any time for your enquiry to be transferred to a Customer Service Team Leader. If a Customer Service Team Leader is not immediately available, a call-back from them will be arranged within 24 hours.

Where the Customer Service Team Leader cannot resolve your dispute to your satisfaction, you can escalate your dispute to the Call Centre Manager. If you are calling outside office hours, your contact details will be taken and the Call Centre Manager will contact you after 9am or on the next working day, whichever is applicable.

In the event that you are still not satisfied you can put your complaint in writing to:

Customer and Channel Management
Second floor, Block B
Dublin 18

Your letter will be acknowledged within three working days.

In your correspondence, you must state clearly the background and nature of the complaint and the redress sought by you. The Office of Customer and Channel Management will endeavour to address your complaint within a reasonable period of time. The decision of The Office of Customer and Channel Management shall be final in all cases.