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Fast response to customers' enquiries

Our aim is to resolve your enquiry on initial contact with Vodafone. Where we cannot resolve your enquiry we will let you know, within three hours of your initial contact, the estimated time of resolution. We will keep you informed of progress and notify you of the resolution.

We commit to providing a high level of service under the following enquiry categories with the maximum time to resolve the enquiry where the solution is within our control. All your enquiries will be uniquely recorded so that we will always know the status of any particular enquiry. In extreme circumstance and where it is beyond our control e.g. if a third party is involved, or if we lack complete information, or in the case of adverse weather conditions, we will keep you informed of progress and respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. In the instance of a billing error, Vodafone will reimburse the affected account as soon as we become aware of the discrepancy. We will notify you by text message once your rebate has been applied.

In exceptional cases where we are unable to respond or acknowledge your query within the times specified below, Vodafone have established a Customer Guarantee Scheme to compensate for that delay. Where it is brought to our attention that, in relation to your query, we have failed to meet the response time outlined in the table below, we will apply a credit to your account*.

* A credit offered for this purpose is given as a gesture of goodwill only and does not imply an acceptance of liability, breach of contract or otherwise on the part of Vodafone.


EnquiryResponse Time
Respond to Coverage / Network faults (Address Coverage/Network Quality faults within our control in 5 hours)1 hour
Line faults / Service degradation1 working day
Billing / Payments5 working days
Roaming5 working days
Handsets10 working days
Miscellaneous (not covered by above)10 working days

Enquiries by letter

We will attempt to contact you where appropriate by telephone to resolve this query, alternatively, we will respond to you by letter within three working days. Where we cannot resolve your query in this timeframe, we will send an acknowledgement of your query by letter and follow up with a telephone call in line with our Code of Practice.

Click here to submit a complaint through our online complaints form or alternatively please send your complaint via post to:

Customer Advocacy Team
Vodafone Ireland Limited
Dublin 18.


Code of Practice

Read more about our Code of Practice for Customer Care here.