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Mobile phones are valuable items, which unfortunately are sometimes the targets for thieves. For that reason every mobile phone user, irrespective of their age, should be aware of the circumstances in which they use or keep their mobile phones. Ideally mobile phones should be treated with the same care as any valuable item.

It is important to report your phone as stolen or lost to Vodafone as soon as possible.


How to report your phone stolen or lost

If your phone is stolen or lost, please report it to the Vodafone helpdesk on:

Bill pay - 1907

Pay as you go - 1747 (from a mobile)  or 1850 20 40 20  (from a landline)

Once reported, Vodafone will be able to place a bar on your account to prevent calls being made from your account until you are reissued with a new SIM card. By quoting your handset IMEI number to us, Vodafone will be able to place a handset EIR bar (Equipment Identity Register bar) on your account. This EIR bar will register your handset on a central barring database called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), and your handset will not work on any mobile network in Ireland.

When you buy a new mobile phone, make sure to make a note of the IMEI number and register it with us, so that Vodafone can quickly deactivate the handset on request.