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Superfast 4G for business

The fastest speeds with 4G

Superfast 4G is now available in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, and Kilkenny cities, and in more than 267 towns across Ireland ‐ and we are growing this week by week ‐ giving you greater flexibility and increased productivity to meet your business needs.

With 4G you can:

  • Increase productivity with office like connectivity
  • Respond to your customers quicker with instant access to cloud based files on the go
  • Experience mobile video conferencing that's easier than ever
  • Increase employee motivation with more effective remote working and improved application performance

How do I get 4G?

Step 1:

Check your 4G coverage

Check coverage

Step 2:

Get a 4G phone

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Step 3:

Get a 4G business plan

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Get 4G on mobile broadband

Need mobile internet on your tablet or laptop? Get lightning fast internet speeds helping you get more work done on the go.

Need 1-2 devices

Choose your device now

Need 3-12 devices?

To order more than two devices, call 1800 584584or contact your account manager.

Need to know more about 4G for business?

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Already got a 4G phone?

If you have a 4G phone and plan and have coverage in a 4G area, all you need to do now is check your software is updated so you can avail of the great 4G speeds.

Here's how to update software for these operating systems:


Steps to update your software
  1. Go to settings
  2. Click general
  3. Software update
  4. Update


Steps to update your software
  1. Go to settings
  2. About device
  3. Software update
  4. Update


Steps to update your software
  1. Go to settings
  2. Phone update
  3. Check for update
  4. Update

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